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How To Use An Island Freezer?

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1. The island freezer should pay attention to whether the position is reasonable and whether it is convenient for heat dissipation. Also need to check the home's power supply, whether it is grounded, whether it is a dedicated line.

2. Before use, users should carefully read the attached product manual to check each component. Most commonly used power supplies are 220V, 50Hz single-phase AC power. In normal operation, voltage fluctuations are allowed between 187 and 242V. If the fluctuation is large or high or low, it will affect the normal operation of the compressor and even the combustion compressor. .

3. Island freezer should use single-phase three-hole socket and separate wiring. Take care to protect the insulation of the power cord. Do not reconnect the power cord. Do not replace or lengthen the power cord at will.

4. After the inspection result is correct, keep it for 2 to 6 hours before turning it on again to avoid oil circuit failure.

5. When using for the first time, the stored food should not be too much. There should be adequate space to keep the cold air flowing. Try to avoid full load for a long time. The hot food should be cooled to room temperature before being placed to avoid long-term shutdown of the island freezer. Food application bags or cling film seals or placed in sealed containers to prevent moisture, moisture loss and odor. Water should be removed after removal of water to prevent excess water from evaporating and forming excessive frost. Please note that the island freezer should not be placed in liquid or glassware to prevent frost. Volatile, flammable chemicals and corrosive acids and bases should not be placed to avoid damage.

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