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  • Precautions For Using An Island Refrigerator


    The island freezer is coated with an antibacterial agent to effectively control the proliferation of various bacteria. It is sprayed with high temperature curing powder and has good corrosion resistance and crash resistance. The product is energy-efficient with high-efficiency evaporator and back-bl Read More
  • Power Saving Method For Commercial Refrigerator


    First, the temperature control controller for commercial refrigerators is the key to power savings. The summer temperature adjustment knob is generally adjusted to "4", and the winter is adjusted to "1", which can reduce the number of startups of commercial refrigerator compressors and achieve power Read More
  • What Should I Do If The Refrigerator Is Stinky? Tell You A Few Tips


    1. Put a few slices of fresh orange peel in the cabinet, our orange peel will emit a smell, so that the smell in the cabinet disappears without a trace. 2. Put a small bowl of vinegar in the cabinet. The smell of vinegar is not very good, so it is only used when there is smell in our cabinet. Read More
  • What Are The Reasons For The Large Power Consumption of The Island Refrigerator?


    The number of door opening when the island freezer is used is minimized. Opening the door of the refrigerated cabinet can feel the cold air running out, and the cold air running will inevitably cause the temperature inside the refrigerating cabinet to rise, which will cause the thermostat to delay t Read More
  • Island Freezer Does Not Cool The Solution


    1. Turn off the island freezer first, preferably with the power off. First, open the case, find the high-voltage output buffer tube, disassemble it with tools, check for damage, and replace it if there is obvious damage. If the buffer tube is intact, reduce the screw of the fixed buffer tube. Becaus Read More
  • Why Is The Supermarket Island Freezer Not Cooling?


    1. In the compressor in the island freezer, the high-pressure output buffer tube is broken due to mechanical movement, and on the other hand, the screw that fixes the output buffer tube is loose, so that the high-pressure tube does not vent or discharge, and thus The low pressure pipe cannot be inha Read More
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