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Choose The Difference Between Supermarket Refrigerator And Household Refrigerator

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Consumers can purchase details according to their own conditions when purchasing supermarket refrigerators. From the supermarket refrigerator cooling speed, whether it needs to be actively thawed, the temperature is even, think that the supermarket uses the refrigerator with useful capacity, power consumption, noise, price, etc., air-cooled, direct-cooling The refrigerators have their own characteristics. Proper use and protection will allow you to extend the life of your supermarket refrigerator.

The principle of refrigerator refrigeration in supermarkets is that the evaporator in the refrigeration zone receives heat in the future. The supermarket refrigerator is divided into air-cooled freezer and refrigerated freezer according to the different refrigeration principles. Air-cooled chillers are similar to the refrigeration principle of air conditioners. It will cool the air through the cooler through the fan and blow it out, as is the case with air-cooled supermarket refrigerators. Another task of the freezer is to cool, that is, to blow the wind through the fan, but with direct cooling. Air-cooled freezer, fast cooling ratio, suitable for fast cooling; but the air-cooled freezer is also very clear, because the electric fan does not avoid the noise and power consumption of the supermarket.

The cooling chiller has no fan and it does not cause the food surface to dry out. However, the refrigeration of the freezer has a fatal weakness, because it relies entirely on air convection to release air. The task efficiency is relatively low, and it is easy to form icing around the evaporator. It needs to be processed regularly, which is very convenient, so it is not suitable for commercial freezer, supermarket. Compared with the domestic small freezer, the refrigerator has less storage equipment, and processing on time is not a problem.

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