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Defrosting Method For Freezer, Island Freezer And Refrigerator

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Method 1: Apply a plastic film to the wall of the island freezer before placing the frozen food; the plastic film will be applied quickly and then frozen in the food.

When defrosting is required, the frozen food is quickly moved into the refrigerator for temporary storage. As long as the plastic film of the freezer compartment is torn off, the frost is quickly removed. The time required is short and convenient.

Method 2: After each removal of the frost, wipe the island freezer with a towel, then apply a layer of vegetable oil on the wall of the freezer. When it is next frosted, it is attached to the wall of the refrigerator containing oily ingredients, frost and the wall of the refrigerator. The suction between them is greatly reduced, so you can easily peel off the agglomerated cream without much effort.

Method 3: When defrosting is required, first turn off the power of the refrigerator, then use the electric fan or hair dryer to align the island freezer to the maximum gear. After the wind blows, the frost layer will melt very quickly, so when you clear it, compare it. Easy

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