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First Use Of Kitchen Refrigerator, Island Freezer Precautions

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(1) Check that the location of the kitchen refrigerator is in compliance with the requirements.

(2) Check the packing list and check whether the accessories are complete. Read the product instruction manual in detail and conduct a comprehensive inspection in accordance with the requirements of the manual.

(3) Check if the island freezer power supply voltage meets the requirements. The power supply used should be 220V, 50Hz single-phase AC power supply. During normal operation, the voltage fluctuation is allowed to be between 187-242V. If the fluctuation is large or high, it will affect the normal operation of the compressor and even burn the compressor.

(4) The kitchen refrigerator uses single-phase three-hole check and separate wiring. Users who do not have a grounding device should install a grounding wire. When setting the grounding wire, you should not use the tap water and gas pipe as the grounding wire, or even the telephone wire and the lightning rod.

(5) Install the kitchen refrigerator. Do not damage the insulation of the power cord. Do not re-press the piezoelectric wires. Do not modify or lengthen the power cable.

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