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How Are Household Refrigerators Classified?

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Household refrigerators are divided into freezer cabinets, refrigerators, refrigerators, refrigerated freezer cabinets and refrigerated and freezer conversion cabinets according to their functions. The volume of domestic freezer cabinets is generally less than 200L. According to their structure, they can be divided into horizontal freezer cabinets, vertical freezer cabinets and desktop freezer cabinets.

The household freezer is generally designed according to three stars, and the temperature inside the box is -18 ° C ~ -28 ° C, used for storing frozen food. Because of the single temperature, the structure is simple; the refrigeration capacity is large, and the volume of the general household freezer is 100L; it has the function of deep freezing and quick freezing without destroying the flavor of the food; the heat preservation effect is good, and the defrosting phenomenon does not occur in the general power failure for 24 hours.

The domestic refrigerator has a temperature of 0~10 °C and has no freezing function. It is specially used for storing fruits and vegetables, beverages, etc. The door structure is hollow transparent glass with built-in lighting, which can be seen at a glance.

The horizontal transparent refrigerated freezer generally has a volume of less than 500L, the temperature of the freezer compartment is lower than -15 °C, and the temperature of the refrigerating compartment is -1 to 10 °C, which is used for freezing frozen ice cream and beverages. In the control method, the double-temperature controller and the single-compressor-controlled refrigeration box are adopted, and the structure is relatively complicated and the price is high.

The refrigerating and freezing of the domestic refrigerating and freezing conversion cabinet is the same room, and the conversion of the refrigerating and freezing functions is the freezing function state when the operation switch is placed in the "ON" position, and the temperature inside the box is -18 ° C or lower. When the switch is placed in the "OFF" position, it is in the state of refrigerating function. The temperature in the box is -5~10 °C, which can be adjusted as needed during use.

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