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How Multideck Chiller Chillers Work

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The chiller is divided into air-cooled multideck chiller and water-cooled multideck chiller in the industry. The multideck chiller is divided into low-temperature chiller and normal-temperature chiller in temperature control. The normal temperature is generally controlled at 0 degree. -35 degrees. The temperature control of the cryostat is generally in the range of 0 degrees to minus 45 degrees.

In the multi-layer chiller refrigerant recirculation system, the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and begins to evaporate. A certain temperature difference is formed between the final refrigerant and the water, and the liquid refrigerant is completely evaporated to a gaseous state and then is compressed by the compressor. Inhaled and compressed, the gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser, condenses into a liquid, and is throttled by the thermal expansion valve to become a low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant to enter the evaporator, completing the refrigerant recirculation process.

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