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How Should I Choose A Supermarket Island Refrigerator?

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With the use of island freezer, the style and function of the refrigerator are more and more, how should we choose to face so many refrigerators?

First look at the effective volume of the freezer

The mark of the technical parameters of the high-quality freezer is the standard required by the international standard, and the national quality and technical supervision institution has passed the inspection many times over the years. The volume of a commercial freezer should be chosen according to its own situation. The size is the basic factor for the maximum application of space. It’s a waste of the conference, and it’

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Second look at the refrigeration of the refrigerator

The working temperature of the island freezer is the key to food storage or fresh, freezer temperature, generally between 0 ° C, 10 ° C, suitable for beverages, beverages, vegetables, fruits, etc., to ensure that the SAP content is not lower than the food freezing point and Keep it fresh. The supermarket refrigerator has a temperature below 18 °C and is suitable for ice cream, seafood, meat, etc. The temperature can be frozen and can be used for a long time. A good commercial freezer not only has to ensure that the temperature of the fresh-keeping cabinet meets the requirements according to the standard, but also makes the cooling speed faster by using the evaporation tube and the matching cooling capacity.

Third, look at the refrigerator high power compressor

Whether the performance of the compressor is good or not, the cooling capacity can be differently configured according to different requirements. Only commercial compressors can adapt to the use of the freezer, suitable for harsh environments, frequent start-up time and long-term operation, to ensure the quality of the product. Although the price of commercial compressors is higher than that of domestic compressors, the failure rate is very low.

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