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How To Check and Maintain The Components Inside The Refrigerator?

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It is preferred to unplug the refrigerator and clean the inside of the refrigerator when it is safe to do so. Do not neglect the cleaning of the door seal strip when cleaning. Dilute the bleach with 10 times of water, rinse with a toothbrush, and then rinse off the bleach with water. The strip is dirty and aging, which will affect the sealing of the refrigerator and increase the power consumption.

Check the vibration, noise, and temperature of the compressor. In the operation of the compressor casing, there should be no obvious vibration, and the sound of the compressor should not be heard during the day.

Pay attention to check the refrigerator power cord for cracks to prevent leakage.

Wash the inside and outside of the refrigerator with warm water or a neutral detergent and dry it. Open the refrigerator door and ventilate it for one day.

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