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How To Choose A Multideck Chiller

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1, Refrigeration and single machine cooling capacity

The size of the multideck chiller cooling capacity is directly related to the energy consumption and operational economics of the entire unit, which is worth noting. Especially when designing a cold station, there is usually no single chiller. This is mainly because when a chiller fails or is shut down for maintenance, it will not stop production. Instead, the reasonable unit should be selected according to the production situation. The number of units.

2, Temperature range

When choosing an industrial chiller, you should first consider the company's requirements for temperature. The temperature of the preparation has extremely important practical significance for the selection and system composition of the multi-layer chiller.

3. Environmental protection

When selecting an industrial chiller, environmental protection issues must be taken into consideration to meet the requirements of production, research and life.

4, Energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to power consumption and steam consumption. Especially when selecting large industrial chillers, comprehensive utilization of energy should be considered. Because large-scale multi-layer chillers are a kind of equipment that consumes a lot of energy, so for large-scale refrigeration stations for cooling, full consideration should be given to electricity and heat. The comprehensive utilization and balance of cold, especially pay attention to the full utilization of waste steam and waste heat.

5. Water quality of cooling water

The quality of the cooling water is good or bad, and it has a great influence on the heat exchanger. The damage to the equipment is fouling and corrosion. This will not only affect the cooling capacity of the industrial chiller, but also cause the heat exchanger tube to clog and damaged.

6, Vibration

When the multideck chiller is running, vibration will occur, but the frequency and amplitude will vary greatly depending on the type of unit. If there is anti-vibration requirement, the chiller with smaller amplitude should be used, or the foundation and pipeline of the chiller should be vibration-damped.

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