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How To Maintain The Island Freezer Commercial Refrigerator?

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1. The cleaning of the island freezer is a very important step, including internal and surface cleaning, fan blades and condensers. Make sure there are no dust on the fan blades and condenser surfaces. In addition to dust, there may be other impurities in the island freezer that must be cleaned. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it may cause the refrigeration system to fail.

2. It is necessary to regularly check whether the wire connection is loose or not, and there is a broken wire. Whether the surface phenomenon of the commercial air conditioner parts of the island freezer has a large amount of dust and the parts are affected by moisture and moisture.

3. Check the drain port. If the drain pipe is clogged, the cooling effect of the island freezer refrigerator will be worse and the motor will be damaged.

4. Try not to fill the food in the cabinet. When placing food, remember not to block the socket.

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