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How To Reduce The Condensation Of Supermarket Refrigerators

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Summer is a high-temperature and high-humidity environment. Due to the refrigeration process, the refrigerator in the supermarket refrigerator is definitely a very low temperature. The temperature has the characteristics of transmission. The transmission from low temperature to high temperature is inevitable outside the cabinet and outside the glass door. Relatively speaking, it will be much lower than the ambient temperature. The water molecules in the air will condense on the exterior of the refrigerator, supermarket refrigerator and glass door. When the relative humidity of the air exceeds 80%, the door seal and glass of the refrigerator and supermarket refrigerator. It is normal for the appearance of the door to appear as a beaded condensation. When the condensation occurs, use a soft cloth to wipe off the condensation. When the relative humidity of the environment is reduced, the condensation will disappear and the functions of the island freezer and freezer will not be affected.

Especially in the application of the low temperature cabinet, the glass door must produce a large area of water mist, so the general supermarket refrigerators are equipped with heating wire or coating for the glass door, and the customers with strict requirements are also installed on the side of the door. Heating wire, no water mist is allowed.

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