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Island Freezer Does Not Cool The Solution

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1. Turn off the island freezer first, preferably with the power off. First, open the case, find the high-voltage output buffer tube, disassemble it with tools, check for damage, and replace it if there is obvious damage. If the buffer tube is intact, reduce the screw of the fixed buffer tube. Because the screw may loosen when it is not moving for a long time. Finally install the case, connect the power supply, turn on the freezer switch to see if it works.

2. Let the island freezer cut off the power supply, disassemble the chassis, and check if the refrigeration system leaks, if the refrigeration system is intact. Look at the capillaries in the chassis. If the capillaries are blocked, the outlet will heat up. At this point, the capillaries should be removed for cleaning. After the island freezer cleaning work is completed, reinstall the capillary, install the chassis, and connect the power supply to see if the electric ice cube is working.

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