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Main Use of Tthe Freezer Display Case

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Balanced preservation

Built-in suction convection fan, 360-degree circulating air-cooled, frost-free and fresh, every corner. Pure air-cooled and fresh-keeping, frozen without dead ends.

Adjustable shelf

The shelf height is adjustable, and it is more convenient to store all kinds of canned and bottled foods. High-strength PS plate liner, more load-bearing, more storage.

Precise temperature control

Double green fluorine-free design, double-layer hollow glass door, sealed door frame, adjustable temperature 0-10 °C, temperature change with heart

Intelligent water removal

The intelligent water removal device eliminates your worries and is a good helper.

Transparent display

Large-scale box advertising, inner top light box, night access, also see clearly, beautiful effects complement each other.

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