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A list of these freezer articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional freezer, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • First Use Of Kitchen Refrigerator, Island Freezer Precautions


    (1) Check that the location of the kitchen refrigerator is in compliance with the requirements.(2) Check the packing list and check whether the accessories are complete. Read the product instruction manual in detail and conduct a comprehensive inspection in accordance with the requirements of the ma Read More

  • Buy Supermarket Refrigerator, Island Freezer Installation And Use Precautions


    Commercial supermarket refrigerator, island freezer handling precautions1. When carrying, lift the foot, do not grasp the door handle or apply force on the table and the condenser, and can not drag on the ground. Otherwise, the refrigerator may be scratched or the inside may be damaged to damage the Read More

  • What Is The Difference Between Fridge, Freezer and Island Freezer?


    The refrigerator is a refrigerated food with a temperature between 1-10 degrees and is used for keeping food fresh for a short time. Suitable for home use, mostly vertical structure.The freezer is a simple frozen food. It has a large space and is mostly of a horizontal structure. It is generally use Read More

  • Defrosting Method For Freezer, Island Freezer And Refrigerator


    Method 1: Apply a plastic film to the wall of the freezer before placing the frozen food; the plastic film will be applied quickly and then frozen in the food.When defrosting is required, the frozen food is quickly moved into the refrigerator for temporary storage. As long as the plastic film of the Read More

  • Why Is The Freezer Preservation Effect Worse?


    With the prevalence of fresh food in the market, products such as freezer and fresh-keeping cabinets have also emerged. For the transportation and storage of fresh foods, strict temperature control is required, and the fresh-keeping cabinet is indispensable in this process. If there is a failure in Read More

  • Why Is The Supermarket Island Freezer Not Cooling?


    1. In the compressor in the island freezer, the high-pressure output buffer tube is broken due to mechanical movement, and on the other hand, the screw that fixes the output buffer tube is loose, so that the high-pressure tube does not vent or discharge, and thus The low pressure pipe cannot be inha Read More

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