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Note The Wrong Island Commercial Freezer Maintenance Method

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Misunderstanding of the maintenance of the island freezer, with the popularity of the island freezer, maintenance is getting more and more attention, but often because of the mistakes and causes of the maintenance method is getting worse, today we must understand the mistakes in the life of the maintenance method.

1, wrong wiping method, many people think that as long as you can wipe off it, so you often use some rough or not wearing clothes, use this cloth to wipe the cabinet in another position, the island freezer surface is easy to wear, most Fortunately, when we wipe the cabinet, we put ourselves in a cotton towel, another position of the absorbent material, used for rough, cable head or cloth. We try to avoid buttons, etc.

2, island freezer Do not use a dry cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the refrigerator, because the dust is formed by fiber, sand, etc., when we wipe with a dry cloth, the cabinet placed in another position of these tiny particles will rub the surface back and forth, resulting in damage.

3, the island type of freezer cloth water should not be too much, because the water on the cloth is too much, easy to penetrate into the surface of the material into the wood, resulting in deformation of the surface material of the mold, thereby reducing the life of the cabinet.

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