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Precautions For Using An Island Refrigerator

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The island freezer is coated with an antibacterial agent to effectively control the proliferation of various bacteria. It is sprayed with high temperature curing powder and has good corrosion resistance and crash resistance. The product is energy-efficient with high-efficiency evaporator and back-blow technology. The refrigeration system uses a microcomputer controller with good performance and material data transmission interface.

Island type freezer has electric refrigerator, fresh cabinet, a la carte cabinet, application-specific three-hole socket, and separate wiring. Users who do not have a grounding device should install a grounding wire. When setting the grounding wire, the grounding terminal should be buried deep into the ground at a depth of 2 meters. The grounding resistance should not exceed 0.1 ohm. You can't use the tap water and gas pipes to make the grounding wire, and you can't get the ground wire of the telephone and the lightning rod.

Desktop refrigerated freezer, after all the inspections are correct, the freezer and fresh cabinet are allowed to stand for half an hour, turn on the power, listen carefully to whether the sound of the compressor is normal when starting and running, whether there is sound of pipelines colliding with each other, if the noise is louder It should be checked whether the electric freezer (refrigerator) is placed smoothly, whether the various pipelines are in contact, and the corresponding adjustments are made. If there is a large abnormal sound, immediately cut off the power supply, find the local maintenance point to check and troubleshoot; before storing the food, order the cabinet and the fresh-keeping cabinet to run for a period of time after the temperature of the box is lowered, and then put the food. Do not store too much food, try to avoid the full operation of the electric freezer and refrigerator for a long time. In use, you can use it with ease!

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