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Supermarket Island Type Freezer, Refrigerator Maintenance Method

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After buying a home from a refrigerated freezer, you should pay attention to the maintenance and use of the cabinet. Many people know how to use the cabinet, but never know how to maintain it. If the cabinet is properly maintained, it will bring great benefits to itself. The big gains greatly increase the service life of the cabinet, and can also reduce unnecessary losses and troubles.

So how should I maintain the supermarket island freezer?

1. Pay attention to the odor of the island freezer. If the odor is generated, the odor should be removed in time.

2. Clean the supermarket refrigerator or island freezer at least twice a year. When cleaning the supermarket refrigerator or the island freezer, first cut off the power, use a soft cloth dampened with water and utensils, gently scrub, then wipe off the detergent with water.

3. Refrigerated island freezer should be placed away from heat sources and away from direct sunlight.

4. In order to prevent damage to the outer layer of the island freezer and the plastic parts inside the box, do not use washing powder, plaster powder, alkaline detergent, boiling water or oil. Clean the refrigerator with a brush, etc.

5. When the accessories in the refrigerator cabinet are dirty and dirty, they should be removed with water or detergent.

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