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Use Kitchen Refrigerator to Refrigerate Food Precautions

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1. Use refrigerator to store food in plastic bags or plastic wrap to avoid drying and prevent moisture formation.

2. The refrigerator should be placed in a low ambient temperature location, well ventilated, away from heat. When placing the refrigerator, leave adequate space on the left and right sides for heat dissipation.

3. Taboo tendency, the refrigerator compressor motor is suspended in a sealed metal container with three damping springs. There is a danger of decoupling when tilting. Lubricating oil in the compressor can also flow into the refrigeration system, affecting the cooling effect.

4. The temperature is different in different seasons, and the key to energy saving is temperature control.

5. Avoid repeatedly freezing food, wasting electricity and destroying food.

6. Avoid placing hot items directly into the refrigerator, which increases temperature and power consumption.

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