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What Are The Reasons For The Large Power Consumption of The Island Refrigerator?

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The number of door opening when the island freezer is used is minimized. Opening the door of the refrigerated cabinet can feel the cold air running out, and the cold air running will inevitably cause the temperature inside the refrigerating cabinet to rise, which will cause the thermostat to delay the temperature of the shutdown and cause the compressor to work for a long time. Increase.

It is important that the refrigerator should be defrosted in time. The frost is a poor conductor of heat, covering the surface of the evaporator, forming a thermal insulation layer between the evaporator and the food inside the box, affecting the heat exchange between the evaporator and the food inside the box, so that the temperature inside the box cannot be lowered, and the refrigeration is lowered. The refrigeration performance of the cabinet increases the power consumption and even causes the compressor to run for a long time to generate heat and burn out. In addition, the smell of various foods in the cream, the defrosting for a long time, will cause odor in the refrigerator. In general, when the frost layer reaches 5 mm thick, it should be removed.

The ambient temperature of the island freezer should not be overheated. The ambient temperature has a direct impact on the power consumption of the refrigerator. When the ambient temperature rises, the heat dissipation of the refrigerator will be slowed down, and the slower temperature drop in the tank will result in longer boot time and increased power consumption. Taking the experimental data analysis of the ordinary refrigerator, when the ambient temperature reaches 32 °C, the power consumption is about twice that of 25 °C, and the power consumption of 30 °C is 1.6-1.8 times that of 25 °C. Therefore, the beverage cabinet refrigerator should be placed as far as possible away from the heat source, and it is better to ventilate the shade.

The island freezer thermostat gear position is often adjusted. Each island type refrigerator has a thermostat, and the temperature in the refrigerator is adjusted by adjusting the gear position. The higher the temperature controller position, the lower the temperature in the refrigerator. After the freezing chamber reaches -18 °C, it is difficult to drop every 1 °C. The colder the harder it is, the lower the temperature can reach below -24 °C. At this time, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is large, and the cooling capacity is lost. And the boot time is long or not down.

If the boot time is too long due to the gear position being too high, it may be desirable to lower the temperature controller position and the boot time will be significantly shortened. The freezer compartment can save 30% of power consumption if it is replaced by -18 °C instead of -22 °C.

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