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What Is The Difference Between Fridge, Freezer and Island Freezer?

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The refrigerator is a refrigerated food with a temperature between 1-10 degrees and is used for keeping food fresh for a short time. Suitable for home use, mostly vertical structure.

The freezer is a simple frozen food. It has a large space and is mostly of a horizontal structure. It is generally used by shops or food stores and is not suitable for home use.

The island freezer is a large freezer, which is called an island cabinet like a small island. The freezer is mainly used for freezing, and the freezer is mainly used for refrigeration.

A fridge is a small cabinet or small room for storing various food storage tools that need to be frozen, keeping food or other items cold, and a cabinet or box with an ice machine for freezing. Boxes are widely used by various industries and families. The freezer refrigeration system consists of four basic parts, namely compressor, condenser, throttling unit and evaporator.

The freezer is another name for the refrigerator. All high-quality refrigerators are made of high-quality copper coils and processed into wide-faced shapes.

Island freezer is divided into: single-out wind island cabinet and double-wind island cabinet. Its function is to reduce the temperature, so that the bacteria inside the food slows down the activity speed and plays a role in prolonging the shelf life. You can put dumplings, dumplings, lobster dumplings and other foods that need to be stored frozen.

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