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What Should I Do If The Refrigerator Is Stinky? Tell You A Few Tips

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1. Put a few slices of fresh orange peel in the cabinet, our orange peel will emit a smell, so that the smell in the cabinet disappears without a trace.

2. Put a small bowl of vinegar in the cabinet. The smell of vinegar is not very good, so it is only used when there is smell in our cabinet.

3. Put a small bowl of wine, the alcohol in the cabinet will evaporate, it will kill the bacteria in the cabinet, and can also adjust the odor inside the cabinet. This method is also a good choice.

4. When the smell in our cabinet is very strong and you want to eliminate it in a short time, you can put some charcoal, wrap it in a bowl and put it in the bowl, and finally put it into the freezer to remove the odor. Placed in a bowl to prevent charcoal from getting wet and contaminating the food inside the cabinet.

5. Place some items that can absorb water, absorb the moisture in the air, and absorb the odor.

6. There is also baking soda, our odor-eliminating artifact, because baking soda is corrosive, so it is best to dilute it and put it in the cabinet.

7. Place a few pieces of ginger, pay attention to the ginger pieces, so that the smell of our ginger can be dispersed into the cabinet, so as to achieve the purpose of clear the smell inside the cabinet. Because of the smell of ginger, it may affect the storage of some ingredients, so you need to pay attention when using it.

8. Put a small bag of tea with gauze and put it in. You can also remove the odor inside the freezer. After one month, take out the tea bag and expose it to the sun. It can be reused.

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