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Why Is The Freezer Preservation Effect Worse?

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With the prevalence of fresh food in the market, products such as freezer and fresh-keeping cabinets have also emerged. For the transportation and storage of fresh foods, strict temperature control is required, and the fresh-keeping cabinet is indispensable in this process. If there is a failure in the fresh-keeping cabinet, it will affect the environmental temperature of the fresh storage, or the uneven cooling of the fresh-keeping cabinet will affect the quality and even deterioration of the fresh food. The continuous operation of the fresh-keeping cabinet in the event of a failure also increases the power consumption, and the impact on the fresh-keeping cabinet is also great. If you find that the refrigeration cabinet is not performing well, there are several reasons:

1. The frost layer of the evaporator is too thick. The thick frost layer of the evaporator of the fresh-keeping cabinet will affect the heat exchange system and air circulation of the pipe, and the evaporation pressure will be reduced. Therefore, the frost of the evaporator should be cleaned frequently, the less the better. . It's not that people often think that the more frost, the better, the excessive frost will increase the power consumption.

2. The liquid supply of the fresh-keeping cabinet evaporator is insufficient, the suction temperature of the refrigeration compressor is high, the suction valve is not frosted, the suction pressure is low, and the evaporator frost is uneven.

3. The evaporation pressure of the fresh-keeping cabinet is not suitable. If the actual evaporation pressure is lower than the lowest pressure corresponding to the temperature, the cooling capacity will be reduced. If the temperature is lower, the temperature will be slower and the temperature will not decrease.

If you encounter a problem, you should contact a professional maintenance person in time. In the usual use should also avoid some misuse, some bad habits will also cause poor cooling effect of the fresh cabinet.

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