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Why Is The Supermarket Island Freezer Not Cooling?

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1. In the compressor in the island freezer, the high-pressure output buffer tube is broken due to mechanical movement, and on the other hand, the screw that fixes the output buffer tube is loose, so that the high-pressure tube does not vent or discharge, and thus The low pressure pipe cannot be inhaled.

2. When the refrigeration system in the island freezer leaks, that is, the refrigerant in the freezer runs out completely, the situation at this time is difficult to find because the compressor and other components are working normally, but because there is no system The refrigerant thus cannot evaporate heat, so that the temperature in the electric freezer cannot be lowered.

3. When the above two reasons are excluded, if there are particles or other substances in the capillary in the electric supermarket freezer, the refrigerant in the freezer cannot enter the evaporator for evaporation and heat absorption, and thus the temperature in the electric freezer. Will not lower.

4. Finally, the simplest reason is that if the operating position of the electric supermarket island freezer is not correct, the temperature adjustment of the electric freezer will be different.

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